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Customer's Testimonials Reports
19 anglers from S'pore.

Just reached Home from BKK... 
Its really wonderful fishing.. I bring my wife along for her to experience the bite thinking of sharing a rod with her since she will only be fishing for 10-20 mins, after few bites, she asked me " do you have a spare rod?" she wanted to have a rod by her own and wanted full day fishing.... 

she had landed more than 60 fishes smallest 8lb, biggest at 12lb but mostly 10lb.. the final few hours, there isn't a single smile on her face as the hook up rate is almost 3 cast 1 bite. She is too tired.... 

Well done John, hope to see you again in May, we will enquire airticket and confirm for the May's trip very soon.. 

Too tired now, hopefully within these few days i can post some photos and more details about our trip

S'pore Family.

For all who read this testimonial, do trust bkkfishingtour on their recommendation. They’re  truly gives their best and will only recommend the good things that they know. Also, do not deceive by the sizes of the fishes that my family caught. These are considered average size fishes. Fishing looks easy but I can assure you that it is strenuous and tough. In fact, at close to the end of the day when it was my turn to reel in the next fish (as the bait were finishing), I was sad and relief at the same time, when a Mekong fish escape a hook up after approx 20 sec of fighting. Why? Sad because it escaped. Relief? I really don't know if I can handle another 6 to 10 min of fighting another Mekong fish. Ha. Soon after that, there was another hook up. I had to fight for my dear life and that was the biggest fish of the day, approx 35kg so I was told. The next day, most of us develop muscle aches all over 

In my opinion, you are more than just an organizer but a good friend. Not only to me and my wife, but a big brother to my kids. They warm up to you so easily. 

I would strongly recommend my relatives, friends and customers to you as you are second to none in providing this fishing service in Thailand.

Your fishing friend,

Ignatius Chua Soo Meng

Popping Lunatics Team.

1) Thailand is a nice country with friendly people. 
2) BSR has a nice lure & tackle shop which drove us "madly crazy" into over-spending. 
3) 龙龙 likes to curl its tail when taking photos. 
4) Siam Carp loves big big loaf of kng. 
5) KBLs are well-loved by lurers. 
6) Side-betting is always exciting. (Not very healthy leh!!!) 
7) Food is good and cheap there. 
 Everyone loves BKK. 
9) We will be back soonest possible. 

p.s Thanks to John (bkkfishingtour ) for their hardwork as out fishing organizer, to make this fishing outing trip an enjoyable one.

Father & Son Team.

Hey John,

What can I say other than thanks a million? You are a multi-lingual guide which is a great thing as it makes me feel like home. Being in Thailand where you can hardly find anyone speaking English makes travelling quite challenging but with a Thai-speaking fishing organizer  like you, it certainly was a breez. I appreciate the fact that you treat your customers like a friend rather than someone foreign. Not to mention your fishing skills and experience, it was a fishing trip to remember! Thank you and we will definitely meet again. Till then, God bless you and your wonderful family!

Gideon Tan

Father & Sons Team.

Hi John

Thank you for the most amazing fishing trip experience we have ever had. I consider myself a pro and have, over the years, passed on considerably much of my "pro" experience to my sons who are fishing fanatics....but what you have showed us over the last 3 days of fishing tested our skills to the limit. The meticulous way in which you planned fishing itinerary was well thought through- from the briefings you gave before each fishing session, to the bait you prepared and to the kind of action you predicted can be summed up in one word - professional. You are a professional.

John, we have fished in a few countries...from Malaysia (Tioman, Aw, Mabul, Sipadan, etc), to Australia (Gold Coast, Swan River, rivers of SA, etc), to New Zealand Bay of Islands, Lake Taupo, rocks,), and to the USA (salmon in Seattle, the Great Lakes, ice fishing, etc)....but what we have seen (and caught) in Thailand cannot be measured - if you like - by all of the countries added together! We thoroughly enjoyed the whole three days of fishing (each day was different) and it has provided us with more excitement than we have ever had in any other country we have lived and fished in.

Thank you once again for your excellent service - you go beyond the call of duty - and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone interested in fishing as in:

1. Giant Mekong/Patin
2. Kim Bak Lor (Seabass, Barramundi)
3. A fishing friend and our fishing organizer.

Thank you once again for the fantastic time. We will never forget you.

Warm regards
Terry Lim,

Lovely Couple.

Hi John,

Thanks for this wonderful trip to Boon Ma! My gf and myself are very pleased with this trip! You always give the best pond available to your angler. So if any of you guys wants big barra, do look for John aka bkkguys. :)

Last but not least, thanks for helping out my first timer gf fishing for barra. Is a great experience for her! I will be back again next year and for sure I will engage your service at  bkkfishingtour again!

Jason X

Good buddies.

Yo John, 
Just wanted to say that this fishing trip with you is was Awesome, as they say when fishing what do you need ? 

1. Good Bite Rate 
2. Good company 
and personally for me 
3. Good Beer 

What can i say when we went down fishing with you we got it all and more. The day's bite rate was great that is took so many of my lures ( sob sob ) and snapped our lines and what naught. The rush of fighting the KBL. The wonderful weather. The Great Company. 

People can tell you how it feels like to fish here but in all honesty you have experienced it yourself .......... WOOT its a totally different feel man. you got to come and try it yourself. Coz words are not enough. 

This trip has become one of my personal favorite experience. Thou i am now stranded in Bangkok because of it i do not regret it coz i got to fish. I got to hone my rusty rusty luring skills. i got to have fights that have now created a bigger urge to fight more aggressive fish (dun know if it is a good thing lol). I got to meet a fishing kaki and who was great company, john. And john dun need to serve us hand and foot lei i feel bad man. 

The only Thing i din like was WHY WHY MATTHEW NEWBIE CAN USE POPPER WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahhahah but "Poison" successful lol. 

All said and done is thanks John for making this fishing trip an Awesome and most importantly a memorable one for Matthew and me. 


Team AA.

Guys i m back!! Arm still aching..haha. it was a wonderful expereince mann...shiok! 
John aka Bkkguy, excellent boon ma organizer he kns where the fishes r **thumbs up...great photographer too...thanks john. Team AA is looking forward to your service very very soon.

S'pore Fishing Couple.

hmmmm....a person tat every sg angelers must look for when in thailand--->john 
john i think u rem wrong about the weather if i never rem wrong it's 17dc 
it's too cold for us to lure not i dun like wahahahaha... i keep looking for place to hide as totally it's too cold to fish as u noe t-shirt and shorts leh...... 
anyway i am back in sg and many thanks for the wonderful time when we are in it lake  till we meet again..

 Malaysia Fisherman

Hi John,

Finally managed to get into office. Lucky i got to catch a flight out of Pattaya but i wish i could stay for another weekend so i could go fishing again with you.
Looking at the pictures, i just realised how big it was! Bloody hell, it's even heavier than the GTs that i caught, pound for pound i reckon it's as mean as GT.

Thanks so much and i really appreciate your perseverence in waiting for the big one, staying, baiting n constantly from morning till night is no small feat. I came as a client but i leave as a friend. Hope to fish with you again. 

9 Friends Fishing At Bungsamrun.


On behalf of all of us, thanks so much for your professional guidance and friendly service! We had a very wonderful time and in fact everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I'm sure some of my friends are hooked onto fishing already! It is definitely wonderful to have a local guide who speaks Thai fluently to bridge the language gap. Also a good call to switch to a different bait on that day given everyone was using dough bait - the difference in the switch was instantaneous and made all the difference of the trip firing away. This is where an experienced guide with good knowledge helps in to make that difference. 

Keep up the good work you are doing!!

Also special thanks for the advice on moving around Bangkok, sightseeing options and hooking us up with the local driver. We had a fantastic trip all in all. Many thanks!!!

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Sign InView Entries
Thanks you very much. My family had a great time and beautiful memories. I have fulfilled my promise to my 2 boys.

Thanks John for your remarkable service. 2 years in a row, my kids have fun in the fishing trips organised by you
Looking forward to the next one.
Hi John,
For those reading this testimony. It started with our friend derick whom has a very good experience when he came with his family to fish last year. Hence, derick recommend us to find John again. Initially we had plan of where to fish but John recommended us where to fish and shown us videos of previous satisfied customers. I would like to vouch that we had a great times fishing under John guidance. We had a day fishing at IT monster lake 19 dec 2019. On the morning 6am at IT monster lake, we received a warm welcome from fellow Singaporean. This make it more heart-warming from our previous experience whom the guide usually is a thai. John patiently explained what was expected like from this time we will be targeting what kind of fishes and later in the afternoon we will be targeting what kind of fishes. I would said that John was very experienced and patient towards us. This trip was our lucky day! Derick managed to land an humongous araipama, and according to John it's been 2 years since people had caught in IT lake. That monster was almost 2m long and derick had a great fight with the fish. In the day trip, we had caught various species of fishes. They are mainly red-tail catfish, pagu, chao praya and the honourable araipama!

Tks for the effort and continue this enthusiasm as a fishing guide. I believe alot of your customers would have the same or even better experience than us. To us, it's a rare and memorable fishing experience. The next time, we definitely will come back to find you if we are fishing in thailand again!
Tight lines and fish on always!

Warmest regards,
James,derick, Reno and Tanky.
Thank you Bkkguy John for another safe trip in the wild. Very well-planned to fit my crazy schedule. I never have to worry about anything. In and out without any fuss and also managed to squeeze in good food. Let's plan the next one already.
Testimonial from Kobly Lee - Our regular Malaysia customer since 2011.

I have been fishing with BKKGUY since 2011. His service always goes above and beyond in order to achieve the desired results. Fish in stocked ponds that see fishing pressure on a daily basis are constantly learning to avoid anglers’ baits, but John manages to maintain consistently high strike rates with his innovative techniques. During my most recent two day trip with him, we managed to hook over 60 fish EACH for a total of 11 species, which is far above typical results for those venues. If you’re ever interested in fishing around Bangkok, this is the best guide to contact.

Testimonial from our first time customer who fished with us for 2 days trip with Kolby. - Santiago Rolon from Southern America

This has been my first experience fishing with BKKGUY. He is truly one of the best, if not the best guides in Bangkok. We booked a 2 day trip and hooked over 100 fish total. In stocked ponds exposed to higher fishing pressure, it is often difficult to obtain such high bite rates. John knows exactly what he’s doing and always finds a way to hook into a fish! This was my first time in Thailand, and I am so glad I was able to book a fishing trip with John. We caught everything from Mekong catfish, Chao Phraya catfish, Masir, Pacu, redtail catfish, to siamese carp. This was a very unique experience because we were allowed to catch fish using heavy and light tackle, and even landed an 80 pound redtail on a flyrod. Absolutely amazing experience and the best there is in Bangkok, by far!