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Bkkfishingtour Co, Ltd is a Thai Asian operated fishing company in Thailand. We strive to be different from other fishing operators by not only providing competitive rates, but even more so, with unparalleled fishing service. Your day starts with our friendly staff meeting at your hotel lobby and ferrying you with style and comfort via the company's SUV. The rest of the day, you will be well taken care of , to ensure that you have a most enjoyable and fruitful fishing trip, as well as an informative one. By the way, Our staff is conversant in English, Mandarin, Thai and most major Chinese dialects. 

Organizing fishing trips in Thailand is our business. We will tailor the fishing package to suit any fishing groups be it family, friends or fishing buddies. Your comfort and safety is our priority. Thailand freshwater fishing is made known by its Giant Mekong Catfish. If you ever stopover in Bangkok for a holiday, you must experience the thrill of landing your first Giant Mekong Catfish. Looking for the catch of a lifetime? Look no further. A catch of at least 20kg is guaranteed by Bkkfishingtour Co, Ltd if you fish at BSR. If you book a 2-3days with us at BSR, we can guarantee you a catch of at least 50kg. If luck have it, you could catch this beautiful yet elusive Siamese Carp. Unbelievable? Bkkfishingtour will guarantee you that. If you are those who like adventure fishing in the wild,you can take up one of our 2 or 3 days fishing adventure package to the countryside nature lakes or dams for an unforgettable experience. 

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Bangpakong B.M Farm

IT Monsters Lake

Greenfield Fishing Resort

Wild Snakehead Trip

Striped Snakehead (Haruan)

Snakehead pond

Barramundi Fishing

Chaophraya Catfish

Barramundi Pond

Dam Fishing

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